Sunday, 25 July 2010


Shaders come in various sizes. They don't replace ball embossers as they give a different effect. They are quite versatile as you can use them to shade in a 'spoon' position and then turn them over and emboss a line.


  1. hello mollie , This is the description i found for the hockeystick.This tool is used to emboss along outlines and to create shading effects. Use the tip of the Hockey Stick to emboss along outlines and you will see an Embossed part that goes from White (edge) to grey (more to the middle). Furthermore this tool is excellent for Embossing large areas, as you will not have the stripy effect you might have when using a normal (ball) tool. the Shader is a separate tool.

  2. Thanks for the description Millie, I have found a picture of the Hockey stick made by Pergamano. i have never used one, I wonder what the difference is in the look of the embossing between a shader and a hockey stick. The hockey stick looks solid whereas the shader is a loop.