Sunday, 4 July 2010

Parchment craft (beginners)

This is just a diary of everything parchment that I (or others ) can find. Useful information, book reviews, equipment and parchment sites. Please feel free to contribute anything you think would be useful to parchment beginners.


  1. Can anyone recommend a really good tuition CD for Parchment Craft?
    I need to learn the art of Embossing,and would like to reach a good standard.

  2. Hi Milly
    I have recently worked through Christine Coleman's DVD -Introduction to Parchment Craft- so I'll review it above. She covers very basic embossing with ball tools to quite advanced techniques with a shader, for example how to emboss a leaf to show the veins and making the leaf look realistic with shading. Pauline Loweth also has a DVD - Back to Basics - which I have just started so I will review that later on.