Thursday, 2 September 2010

Parchment Tools

This is a beginners guide to parchment craft tools, there are vast array of tools and it is not necessary to buy them until you need them. The association of parchment craft has some advice on the basic equipment you need.
The tools separate into roughly three areas: embossing, perforating and edging.


Embossing tools whiten the parchment. They are usually either a ball shape or a shader which has a loop shaped like a spoon. They come in various sizes from a large size (mega ball or mega shader ) to a small size (micro ball or micro shader) embossing tools are also used for stencilling. A scriber has a sharpish point and is used for lines and stippling. Sun tools emboss a circle shape like a small flower.


Perforating tools pierce the parchment in various patterns. PCA make two types: fine tools and bold tools. A single needle tool, however, will create all the patterns but it may take more time.


Edging tools pierce the parchment in a scallop pattern or v pattern. The stamp edge creates a perforation that will tear easily. A neater finish can be obtained by using parchment scissors.

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